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Are you going through Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy? Or receiving IM or IV Ketamine therapy? In addition to integration through talk-therapy, Energetic and Somatic integration of your experience through Reiki, visualization, and breath - can help you to carry the lessons you learned during your journey into your everyday life. Not only in your thoughts and actions, but in your body.

Perhaps you have had a psychedelic experience where you felt a strong emotion in a part of your body, or you felt a sensation that you weren't totally sure about? Or perhaps you saw or felt something within your own energetic body that you would like to keep working through? Integrating these experiences through Reiki can help you to fully understand these experiences and learn to work with them, which will help you to get the most out of your psychedelic experience. 

I offer "preparatory sessions" prior to your psychedelic experience in which we get a "lay of the energetic land". This will help you bring more awareness into your psychedelic journey of what is happening in your energetic body. Post session, we will meet again to energetically move through what happened during your psychedelic experience. 

I have the tools to meet you wherever you are in your experience - whether you've had 200 KAP sessions, or are heading into your first ever IM Ketamine session. I am here to help you along your way. 

As a PA who has guided hundreds of people through their Ketamine experience, I am here to help you make the most of your experience.

Click below to schedule your free consult call. 

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