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How Psilocybin teaches us...

It's been years since I felt called to psilocybin. To be honest, when I ingested mushrooms in high school/college, it wasn't a "calling", it was more of a cool thing to do. Although difficult lessons and emotions bubbled up then, that was never the point or intention - it was more of an unwanted "side effect"

Fast forward 15 years, as I work through my own spiritual journey/awakening, I felt the call. Once I felt the call, the substance started to show up all around me (here in Denver it is decriminalized). This time around, I approached the medicine much differently. I now entered this space after guiding 100's through their own Ketamine trips (legally in a clinical setting), and worked with therapists who discuss the importance of integration following Ketamine journeys. I came equipped with my own "set and setting" which we know is paramount in the success of a hallucinogenic journey. I also created an intention for each journey.

Psilocybin allows us to see and feel lessons we already intellectually know

So, what have I come away with? These substances allow us to see and feel lessons we already intellectually know. For instance, a recurring theme for me was "we are all connected" - I readily believe this - but to feel this in the depths of my soul, and see my skin interconnected with everything around me, makes you really understand this on a deeper level. Another example is the cyclical nature of life, and the acceptance of death. Intellectually this is something I believe in and try to "be ok with", but once upon a trip, I really felt this with every fiber of my being. I saw my skin turning into the substance of decomposition - and instead of feeling scared, I felt great relief. I felt held by the inevitability of death. I understood it wasn't to be feared - I saw the cycle of life happening to my own flesh. Experiencing these lessons on a deeper level allows these lessons to really stick. To effect how we show up in the world.

Psilocybin teaches us by allowing us to deeply, deeply feel.

Another way Psilocybin teaches us, is by allowing us to deeply, deeply feel. Our very smart bodies put up protective walls due to fear and trauma that allow us to keep living. To keep functioning. To get out of bed when the alarm clock goes off. To care for our children. To pay the bills. It's essential for our survival. However, psilocybin isn't so much concerned with you going into robot mode to continue surviving. It knocks these walls down and allows you to feel these big, big emotions. I believe this serves a few purposes. 1) It reminds us of the beauty of being human - the beauty of emotion in general. This is something to be treasured, and in every day life we need to connect with this whenever possible. 2) Catharsis. Deep Release. We need to feel emotions to be able to release what may be lying underneath. 3) Allows us to understand how we really feel about a situation. No bull. No life logistics. No intellectual justifications. Just straight forward truth.

I would love to hear your experience about how you feel psilocybin teaches us! Comment below.

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